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What to Know about Employee Retention Tax Credit [reviewed]

Last year Covid-19 caused businesses to close all across America. The U.S. Government responded with unprecedented stimulus payments, such as the Paycheck Protection Program called P.P.P. or the Employee Retention Credit called E.R.C.

The P.P.P was widely used and popular as it got money to Business Owners FAST. On the other side, the E.R.C was not as common, and business owners could NOT get both. It was ONE or the OTHER.

The reason for this video is to show you, that you may qualify for an additional E.R.C tax credit. For example, if your firm employed more than TEN W-2 employees in 2019, you may be eligible.
In the first round of the E.R.C. program for the year twenty twenty there was a FIFTY percent tax credit on “Qualified Wages”

If your business was partially suspended, shut down or you had a fifty percent decrease in receipts compared to twenty nineteen, you might qualify.

Fast forward to March 3, 2021

That is when Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act (A.R.P.A). It EXTENDED the E.R.C program until the end of LAST year. Not only that, but it provided a SEVENTY percent tax credit
for “Qualified Wages” for each quarter in 2021.

Let’s show you some examples of what we were able to recover for our clients A Restaurant in Washington State with ELEVEN W-2 employees. They got Five Hundred Twenty Thousand Dollars back.

A Non Profit Care Facility in Georgia with FOURTY NINE employees. They received TWO HUNDRED FOURTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

A Janitorial Company in Pennsylvania with FIFTY FIVE employees. Got ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY THROUSAND DOLLARS back.

We could list many more refunds, and you can easily see we are talking REAL money here. Very few business owners know about this, and are leaving huge amounts of money on the table.

We partnered with a group of specialists, CPA’s and Tax Attorneys

To see if your company qualifies, please visit our website at
Find out if your company is due a substantial tax credit on your payroll expenses.

One more thing… Just to be clear. Our certified team of CPA’s and accountants specialize in helping businesses get their tax credits returned. Get your FREE evaluation to see if your company qualifies for a refund. For more information and case studies, please visit


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