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Post Gopher Listbuilding Tool Reviewed

Big lists are awesome. But big, RESPONSIVE lists are even better.

An engaged audience is where the money is at. And if you’re looking to boost your list profits, then you need to engage your audience and get them clicking on your links.

Let’s share with you the two golden rules…

1. Give People What They Want

The #1 way to engage your audience is to give them exactly what they want.

Here are three ways to figure out what they want:

1. Do your market research. Find out what content and solutions are popular in your niche, and then give your subscribers something similar.

2. Ask your subscribers what they want. That’s right, survey them to learn more about what they want and need.

TIP: You can boost conversions by segmenting your audience based on their answers!

3. Track engagement. People don’t exactly lie when taking surveys, but sometimes there is a gulf between what they say they want and what they actually read and buy. So start tracking and testing your emails to see which ones your audience responds to the best.


2. Give People What They Expect

You set expectations with your audience the second the joined your list.

You confirmed those expectations with the first few emails you sent out. And so your audience figured out what sort of content you send and how often you send it.

Tell you what – if you go against people’s expectations, they’re going to stop clicking. They’re going to stop reading. They may even unsubscribe.

Think about it…

If you go telling people that your list is all about giving them product reviews, and then you don’t send any product reviews… what do you think will happen? Yep, you’re going to have some ticked off subscribers.

So listen…

It doesn’t matter what type of content you send or how often you send it…as long as you’re giving people exactly what they want and what they expect.

Here’s a hint: be consistent across your platforms. For example, post the same kind of content on your blog as you send to your newsletter list. So when someone reads your blog, they’ll get a good feel as to what your newsletter is like.

Want an easy way to be consistent right from the start? Turn your blog posts into lead magnets. This gives your prospects a highly desirable lead magnet, and it helps set the right kind of expectations.

Best of all, you convert all your blog posts to lead magnets without doing any of the hard work yourself. Instead, just use the Post Gopher WordPress plugin to completely automate the process and build your list.

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Have a wonderful day

Gisela Beckermann


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