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Smartguy is the Smart Way To Network in 2023

How to Grow Your Local USA Business in 2023 with SmartGuy®

The Referrals Company

SmartGuy®️ helps businesses grow by instantly aligning them with up to 1,000+ quality businesses within their city in exclusive business referral networks and then providing them with an easy-to-use phone app to instantly send, receive and track all of their referrals!


SmartGuy® – your new customer solution

Grow Your Business with SmartGuy®

Referrals are the highest quality lead a business can get. In fact, they often account for more than 80% of all small business leads.
SmartGuy® makes growing your business easier, by automatically aligning members with other local quality business owners and turning their phone into an ongoing customer-generating machine!

ACT FAST and secure your spot as the ONLY professional in your city/category!
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We are looking for motivated individuals who want to help local businesses and at the same time earn high ticket commissions in the process.
Happy New Year 2023
Gisela Beckermann

Why Businesses Need a Social Media Presence in 2022 and Beyond

Why Businesses Need a Social Media Presence in 2022 and Beyond


For a business to experience growth, a huge reach needs to be obtained in record time. As the owner of a business, you have to realize that the only way to see success is to reach an audience that outdoes your competition’s ability to do the same.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to see growth. In fact, in today’s world, you are bound to see failure in your business ventures if you don’t maintain an active social media presence for your company. According to many studies, over 75% of adults use a social media network. Facebook alone has 1 billion active accounts on the site. There are several ways in which an active presence on social media networks can benefit your company. While some of them are pretty obvious, you might wonder how you could have missed the others.

1. Your Reach is Boosted
When you use social media marketing and maintain a social media account for your business with a good following, you ensure that your goods and services are marketed to the entire population of people who use the network. Social media allows you to reach thousands of people every day. Even better, you get to direct your posts towards the audience you want.

2. Your Website can be found easily
Do you use search engine optimization on your website? Well, good for you! This is one way to boost your business ranking on search engines. However, your position on the search results also depends on how much traffic your website experiences. If you can use social media to get more people to click towards your site every day, you increase the traffic statistic for your site. When the search engines see this, they push your site and your company higher up in the rankings every time a potential customer searches for a related product or service.

3. It is the best way to go “viral”
If you don’t know what going viral is, look it up. This is the term given to the phenomenon of a certain post or video on the internet gaining hundreds of thousands of views in a very short time frame. By maintaining an active presence on social media, your followers are able to “share” any post that you make on your page. This makes your advertising visible to anyone who is “friends” with that person on social media. As the chain of sharing continues, you gain higher exposure and views!

4. You can stay in touch with customers
When you make a post on social media for your business, you are able to communicate directly with the people on your page. When they comment on your posts, make their own posts, and message you directly, you get to respond to them immediately. This also adds a personal touch, as live messaging shows that there is a human presence behind the page. Over time, this will boost the loyalty of your customers and bring in new users too!

5. New customers keep on coming
One of the biggest perks of maintaining a social media presence is the way in which all these methods allow you to reach a wider target audience. At one point, you will find yourself experiencing an influx of new customers with no idea how they found out about you!

To finalize all of this…

As you can see, there are countless other benefits to maintaining a good social media presence for your business. Take the right steps today to turn your company into an active one socially. Connect with your customers, gain a higher reach and be a bigger success than ever before!

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