Smartguy is the Smart Way To Network in 2023

How to Grow Your Local USA Business in 2023 with SmartGuy®

The Referrals Company

SmartGuy®️ helps businesses grow by instantly aligning them with up to 1,000+ quality businesses within their city in exclusive business referral networks and then providing them with an easy-to-use phone app to instantly send, receive and track all of their referrals!


SmartGuy® – your new customer solution

Grow Your Business with SmartGuy®

Referrals are the highest quality lead a business can get. In fact, they often account for more than 80% of all small business leads.
SmartGuy® makes growing your business easier, by automatically aligning members with other local quality business owners and turning their phone into an ongoing customer-generating machine!

ACT FAST and secure your spot as the ONLY professional in your city/category!
If you are interested in learning more about this AMAZING local opportunity and how to become the HERO in your town, please send an email to:
We are looking for motivated individuals who want to help local businesses and at the same time earn high ticket commissions in the process.
Happy New Year 2023
Gisela Beckermann