Who Is Your Teacher?

…words from Dallas Willard, a late professor who used to teach at USC.

Very insightful.

Here’s what Dallas was getting at:

Everyone is always learning. It’s never a question of whether we’re learning. It’s always a question of what we’re learning.

Just because we’re learning doesn’t mean that we’re learning good things.

Just because we’re getting an education doesn’t mean we’re getting a good education.

In fact, if we’re not intentional about it, we’re probably getting a bad education.

And that applies to internet marketing.

Even if no one is officially teaching you… even if you’re “just doing it,” or “figuring it out on your own”… you’re getting an education.

The difference between winners and losers in the industry is that winners try to get a good education. They look in the right places for their information.

So who are you learning from?

Discussion forums? Scattered articles on the internet? Some self-proclaimed “guru” who knows all those “ninja” secrets about internet marketing?

Remember, you are getting an education.

…but it might not be a good one.

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