Knock Knock… Is this Business Open?

Open for Business

You’re ready to buy something from a business near you.
You jump online for a quick search.
First Google…
Then Facebook…

But instead of finding a high quality branded business page, what you find has you wondering:

“Anybody work here…are they still in business???”

The ultimate silent business killer…

How many times do quality prospects have second thoughts when they see
half-finished, or near-abandoned social profiles?

Every business, new or old, needs professional authority and presence in the market.

Poorly executed social media can make a bad first impression that sabotages us!

If you can see the value of improving your social presence, I want to help.

See What Our Team Created For 2022

P.S. Social can be one of those areas of marketing where it’s easy to feel lost…

# What should I post?
# How often should I do it?
# Is this really helping me?

And even if you have a solid plan the entire exercise of curating content can be a nightmare…

# Find the right photos…
# Searching for something relevant and valuable to share…
# Trying to get the frequency right…

It can quickly turn into this crazy time sink!

I can see why people do it in little bursts and then just seem to give up.

That’s why I had my team create something to help in 2022…

See What Our Team Created For 2022

Gisela Beckermann

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