City Leaders Wanted

How is this opportunity different from any other you have come across?


One of the quickest, easiest, turnkey business opportunities ever created!

(1) Select the city you want
(2) Email businesses the following AMAZING link on how you can grow their business (, and
(3) Earn $50 EVERY MONTH of the $69 they pay us via PayPal starting in the 2nd month – whether you refer them or not!!
(Earning $50 a month from up to 1,500 categories of businesses in each city can potential be a very nice monthly income!)
Example: 100 customers = $5,000/month
300 customers = $15,000/month
1,000 customers = $50,000/month etc.

Benefits of running a SmartGuy City Business Network
> UP AND RUNNING INSTANTLY – No hardware, software or anything to  install. Choose your city and you’re LIVE!

> RUNS ITSELF – Spend less time working while still maximizing your profit!
> ONGOING MONTHLY REVENUE – you get paid each and every month for each member that signs up and pays SmartGuy®

> GET PAID AUTOMATICALLY – Any time a sale is made payments are tracked and sent via PayPal on the 25th of every month!
> AUTOMATED SYSTEM –  allow you to focus on simply sharing the marketing materials with others, via email, social networks, etc.

> BACK UP SUPPORT –  via chat, phone and hundreds of other SmartGuy® City Business Network leaders like yourself sharing ideas.
> LOW MONTHLY INVESTMENT – No start up fee and a low monthly cost to run your city network(s)

One of the best aspects of SmartGuy® is that it allows you to offer something virtually every business wants and needs, and is virtually automatic! You earn ongoing monthly revenue as they sign up – whether you refer them or not!  SmartGuy® does the work for you. You can keep your day job and have your automated system work for you 24 hours a day without you having to lift a finger.  With a bit of money, a strong entrepreneur spirit, and dedication you can succeed and turn a nice profit and ongoing income!

NOTE: Current price to be a SmartGuy
® City Network Leader is only $699 per month (month-to-month – no activation fee).  Also, please note we are NOT accepting Leader Positions outside the USA and Canada at this time. For more information, email [email protected]
Referred by:
Gisela Beckermann, City Leader
San Francisco CA
24 hour recorded information:
(888) 912-0766 extension 510
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