City Leaders Wanted

How is this opportunity different from any other?


1. You share the service with Local Business Owners!

  • Spend less time working [as you are creating a MONTHLY income]
  • No need to involve friends and family
  • Little to no technical knowledge is needed. It is completely set up and ready to go once you are assigned your city network

2. You get paid $50 per month per user! = RESIDUAL income

  • Back up support via chat, phone and hundreds of other city business leaders like yourself, helping you with any questions, strategies and more
  • Automated systems allow you to focus on simply sharing the marketing materials with others, via email, social networks, or dropping it off at the local business etc.
  • Choose the city you want (subject to availability)
  • Income potential – Example: 100 users = $5000 OR 500 users = $25,000/month

3. Business Owners want this service!


NO start up fee and low monthly cost!




Gisela Beckermann – San Francisco CA 

(415) 275-3304 – leave a message!



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