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Intro to Chatbot Conversational Marketing Part 1


Forrester found that 87% of organizations know a standard purchase experience is no longer adequate to satisfy customers.

Conversational marketing helps improve the consumer experience.

Conversational marketing?

It’s a dialogue-driven technique to engage website visitors.

These talks are aimed to create trust and enhance the consumer experience.

Conversational marketing involves real-time, one-on-one conversations with users across different platforms.

This enables you personalize your customers’ experiences.

Personalized interactions employ chatbots, live chat, and messaging applications to talk with consumers where, when, and how they want, developing brand trust.

Conversational marketing might include phone and email conversations.

Direct and immediate messaging is today’s most common form of communication, thus it’s a natural aspect of conversational marketing. Everyone enjoys a fast answer, which is why messaging applications like WhatsApp are so popular.

Understanding which channels your consumers prefer is crucial to conversational marketing. Live chat or chatbots emulate informal communication, not formality.

In this article, we’ll examine the potential of conversational marketing and how you can use it to boost conversions and profitability.

The 6 Elements Every Successful

Conversational Marketing Campaign Needs

An effective conversational marketing approach is typically built around one or more solutions that allow you to reach out to and communicate with prospective clients.

A typical system is composed of various components. Here are the 6 essential elements you need for a successful chatbot campaign:

1. A Conversation Starter

This is the statement that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your website. Its purpose is to entice the visitor to click and interact with you.

The link displays a message that can be customized to meet your specific activity, landing page, or product/service.

2: Lead Capture Tools to Qualify

After clicking your conversation starter, the visitor will engage in a brief conversation with a lead capture tool, such as a chatbot.

This is the section in which the chatbot asks a number of easy questions in real time to assess whether the visitor requires customer service or sales assistance.

This is an excellent place to integrate personalization and make your visitor feel as though they are having a genuine, meaningful dialogue with your organization.

This chatbot (which is frequently linked to a social media account) will qualify your leads and either complete the sales process or direct the prospective client to the appropriate person who can handle more difficult queries or requests.

The goal is to bring the visitor to customer support or the sales team as soon as possible, providing them with a speedy solution to their problem without requiring them to switch devices or channels.

3. Live Messenger

Qualified leads will then be contacted by your sales team via Live Messenger. Your conversational marketing platform should include comments on the user’s qualifications as well as their responses to your questions—this is where the actual value is added.

Your sales professionals or call center employees should be able to walk website visitors through their options and, hopefully, turn them into customers.

Conversational marketing is commonly seen as a kind of inbound marketing—the “pull” strategy of recruiting clients using the channels they prefer.

In these channels, conversational marketing uses genuine dialogue between your organization and the client, whereas inbound marketing comprises a larger range of methods.

If done correctly, this strategy provides many benefits that can provide you a market advantage over your competitors:

4. Improved Customer Service

For starters, conversing with your website visitors provides you with a greater grasp of their requirements, wants, and pain points—what their problems are that your organization can answer.

You can gather the information you need to better qualify them. You may alter your communication and communicate with them in a more relevant way based on this information, what they’re interested in, and where they are in their buyer’s journey.

Your meaningful discussions can be conducted around the clock to help build trust in you and your company and to further improve your consumer relationships.

5. Improved Lead Generation

By providing an interactive means for your customers to interact with your organization, you may optimize their experiences and turn more website visitors into paying customers.

By asking the correct questions at the right time, your interactions will not only help convert leads, but will also qualify them for your sales staff.

6. More Customers Through Your Sales Funnel Faster

With your marketing operations linked to your sales staff, you can ensure that your sales funnels are efficiently moving buyers through.

Your bots can send qualified leads directly to your live chat sales professionals, as well as schedule real-time meetings with them.

Stay tuned for more info on Chatbots.

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30 Gift Ideas to Get More Email Subscribers [FREE]

30 Gift Ideas to grow your mailing list

Free gifts or “Thank You” gifts entice your audience to join or opt-in to your mailing list. It’s also a very effective marketing strategy. However, it’s only effective if the freebie is useful, valuable and of high quality. Your freebies pull double duty for you. They serve as samples and examples of your products, services, values, ethics, and expertise. They also enable you to reach more of the people who want and need the products and services you provide.

If you are serious about getting more subscribers/clients, your freebies should be top-notch and something that your audience needs. Ideally, you want to create the freebie only once. However, under certain circumstances, you may want to make a slightly edited version for a different segment of your target market. Here are a few free gifts you may want to consider offering subscribers.











Ebooks – These are great instant gifts, especially if it’s a book you normally sell. This gives it a greater perceived value. When your visitors see that you are a “giving” person, they are more willing to buy from you.

Reports– A report is just a short eBook that is more focused on solving one problem, instead of a complete guide on the topic like a book would be. If you had a website about vegetarianism, you could, for instance, offer a free pantry check sheet, measurement conversion, or substitution chart for your readers to use.

Coupons– People like getting coupons. Offer your visitors a coupon code for signing up for your email list. Don’t discount your work too much, though, because that devalues what you do.

Videos– Offer a short video that teaches or informs your audience how to do something that will
benefit them. An example might be a “How to Install WordPress Editorial Calendar” or “How to Get Perfect Poached Eggs Every Time.”

Checklists– An awesome freebie to give your audience are checklists. People want to save time and checklists can help them do just that.

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Charts– Offer your audience a chart or graph that helps them to visualize a complex concept. Pair the chart with a brief explanation of its meaning and relevance.

Related Items Bundle– Compile of all of the above if you want to offer an outstanding freebie to your list subscribers. This is a great way to give them an overall sampling of what you do well.

Ecourse– This is a must-have, especially if you are also a coach. You can provide the course through email or in an eLearning “classroom” type of setting. If you provide eBooks, this might be an introduction to or extension of one of the topics.

Challenge– Offering a niche-related challenge via email is a super way to encourage readers to step outside of their comfort zone or to reach their next goal. Consider including a time or point when you give them personal feedback during or after the completion of the challenge.

Cheat sheets – These quick “reminders” are a great way to teach your audience or provide information that is a bit complex or lengthy. An example you may be familiar with is the emoticons with the keys used to make the symbol like this smiley face : ) .

Templates – You can create all sorts of templates that will help your audience complete a specific task or activity. Depending on your niche/services, you may want to offer a few eBook
templates for your clients to use.

Blueprints– Blueprints are wonderful way to share or explain a detailed concept. For example, you can create a blueprint for clients that explains, step-by-step, “How to Get Readers Excited and Ready to Buy”.

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Planners– Offer a fill-in-the-blank content planner to help your audience plan, order, and schedule content. Be sure to brand the planner with your site logo and link. You may also want to include a few planning tips or associate this download with a “Planning” or “Efficient Content” mailing list where you can offer even more planning tips along the way.

Audio– Provide a free audio, where you share tips. Interview someone in your client’s niche. Interview someone about marketing or another topic that all your client’s can use. The interview can help you gain additional attention and recognition, depending on who you interview.

Case study – Give away a case study related to the type of writing or editing you do. For example, if you specialize in writing blog or website content, you might want to offer a case study with the latest statistics about fonts (size, color, styles, combinations, etc.)

Graphics– Depending on your niche, you may be familiar with your audience’s needs and usage of
graphics. If you also do graphic work, or know someone who does, you may want to give away public
domain images, which have been edited to include phrases, tips, quotes, etc., that relate to your audience’s needs. For example, if you cater to home and family sites, you could offer 25 topic related memes with quotes related to home and family.

Private Facebook (or similar) Group– Give new subscribers access to an “insiders” group where they can get info related to their niche and/or business. Keep this group “by invitation only” so it’s
more exclusive and is perceived as having greater value.

Pre-recorded webinars –Offer free access to a pre-recorded webinar that you conducted or participated in. This helps potential clients view you as an authority and/or a leader in your niche. In addition, you get to JV with your peers and stir up a buzz.

Free Pass– Give away a free pass to your next webinar, event, workshop, etc. You can limit this to a specific number of people (spots) or by time, where people have to sign-up during a certain period. Keep in mind that the event or activity should be relative to your audience’s needs. For example, a writer specializing in local business would need to make sure that local business issues and interests were covered.

Guide to…– Create a guide your potential clients and your audience would find helpful. Your free
sign-up gift guide will be specific to your niche audience. For example, if your ideal target market
includes new online business owners, you may need to create a guide, which explains the different types of content they may need and how you can help them. A guide to online safety might also be appropriate.

Plugins & apps– Offering a plugin or app may be a bit beyond your ability. If you have a coder friend,
they may be able to help you create one. There are also some apps/plugins that you can buy with the
right to brand them as your own and give them away. You could check on for people who
have the technical knowledge.

Free trial– Nothing makes people more willing to take the plunge and take a chance than a free, limited-time trial of a product or service.

Contest entry– Hold a contest. Give new sign-ups an extra entry into the contest or drawing. Another option might just be the standard “enter to win” strategy.

Worksheets– You can give away a variety of worksheets. In fact, you may want to provide a bundle of them. They could include a traffic tracking spreadsheet, keyword worksheet, content ordering form (with the info you need), affiliate product sheet, promotion calendar, etc.

Free consultation– Help your audience get to know you by offering a free consultation, when they sign up. The consultation can be done through email, on the phone or via skype.

Book preview– Offer a free preview of your next book (a few chapters) or digital product. This is also a great way to make pre-sales before launch. Ask for feedback.

Freebie of the month membership– Offer a free membership to a freebie of the month club. People love freebies. You can provide a helpful, valuable, free download item, such as images, checklists, guides,
comparison charts, calendar pages, and more. You could also create a more complex, related item or
package to sell each month.

Fun printables– Using what you know about your target market, create fun printables that help relieve stress, educate, and motivate subscribers. These could include niche related crossword puzzles, word searches, color pages (adults or kids), cryptograms, hidden images, etc.

Tangible Items– Offer a tangible item such as a promotional calendar, pen, t-shirt, 3-ring binder,
or other helpful promotional items. This is especially appropriate if your target market is mostly
made up of local business owners.

Encouraging people to opt in and subscribe to your list is an important part of making your business successful. The major money is still in the email list, even when you market in other places. Get your target market on your mailing list by giving them something helpful and valuable, while you build a better relationship and make more sales.



This article was written by my Mentor Ron Douglas, who has been teaching me for years and who I turn to when I have professional questions about Internet Marketing.


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[New] Create Amazing Video Presentations Using “VidPresent” Reviewed

Launching January 28, 2022 – VidPresent

A Groundbreaking App Creates ‘Video Presentations’ that Attract, Inform, Educate and Persuade Audiences to buy your products and services online. VidPresent. Use it to create awesome presentations!

This Modern Video Presentations Platform comes with Commercial rights And Tons of DFY Local Niche Campaigns to make it easy to Create and Sell Video Presentations.


VIDEO Has PROVEN Powers to Attract & Educate Audiences

However Marketers/Entrepreneurs still struggle to get decent engagement on their videos.

So what’s the secret to getting more engagement and sales using VIDEOS?

Using a Real Human FACE in Videos
Invoke Human Emotions

Why do videos with faces work so well?

1 People are hardwired to respond to faces
2 People are always looking for real human connections!

Plus, Faces in Video Captures Audience Attention. It Also Helps Build Transparency and Trust which is crucial for getting sales.

Putting on a Face in video is just a start. In order to really establish a connection and in order to invoke a certain emotion,

Your Video content needs to be Engaging, Persuasive and highly informative, Just like a Presentation.

Combine both Video and Presentations and You have a Powerful tool to Build Trust, Transparency and Get More sales.

VidPresent is a Cloud based Video app that creates highly persuasive, Engaging Video Presentations within a few clicks

3 SMART Modes To Record NEXT Level Video Presentations –
Face Mode- Shows Face only i.e. camera feed
Zoom in Slides – Zoom in slides to cover full screen with important slide information
Show them both – Show them both side by side

Creates Video Presentations in Any Size
Creating videos in multiple sizes is a must in 2022. With the rise of mobile, it’s highly important that you create videos in any size – Landscape, Square, Vertical.

Tons of ‘Video Presentations Templates’
Lets you easily create video presentations for any business purpose.

Zoom in, Zoom Out To Make Your Videos STAND-OUT
Zoom in Images added to the Slides to explain important points in detail.

DFY Templates in Local Niche
Get Access to HOT Local Niche Templates, Easily sell Videos to Local Business owners around you.

Trim The Video To Perfection
Practice and Record within the Same Cloud Based Dashboard till you are Satisfied, then Save and Share your video.

Turn Old PPT Presentations into a Video
Superb Flexibility with VidPresent Lets you Upload your own Presentations and turn them into a Video!

Millions of Copyright Free Images and Multimedia Elements
Import your own Images or simply choose from millions of images inside with integrations such as pexels and pixabay.

Record Your Screen
User-friendly Screen recorder to help record & download HD screen captures instantly.

Commercial Rights
Sell Video Presentations to Businesses Around you. Local Businesses are desperately looking for new ways to Get more customers, Video Presentations will Boost their business like anything else. Keep 100% of all Video Presentations you sell.

& so much more like…
+ Record and Trim Videos
+ Save Videos on Cloud
+ Use Webcam Mirror
+ Fully Cloud Based App
+ Easy to Use + In-App Tutorials
+ Unsplash & Pexels Integration
+ Share videos on social media

Create Video Presentations in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Choose a Video Presentation Template

Choose from 30+ Video Presentation Templates to Create Persuasive Videos to get more engagement on videos. 

Step 2: Add Slides along with Multimedia elements such as Images, emojis, Text, etc.

Add Presentation Elements to Each slide such as Images, Emoji’s Text, as well as source images from millions of image resources right within the app

Step 3: Practice, Record and Share!


There you have it #VidPresent

This cloud based Video Software called “VidPresent” launches January 28, 2022. Pick it up if you think it might help you grow your business.


Gisela Beckermann

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