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Listbuilding made easy with ListElevate

Let me introduce you to List-Elevate…where you will make money really quick with our new list-building technology! This system does it all for you with absolutely NO technical skills, prior list-building experience needed or required.

List-Elevate is a brand new opportunity in list building that allows you to build a highly profitable list, easier and faster than ever before. By leveraging the power of others this new system will have you generating and collecting leads super quick from a solid Tier 1 – Tier 2 lead generating system!

This new highly profitable email marketing system that allows you to leverage the power of others in building you a massive email list will explode your lead generation by the hour and by the minute.

You can check out the video on this page, it explains it all!

Just imagine 100 people working and building an email list for you! Each one of those people brings in 10 leads per day. That’s 1000 leads you will be generating per day or 30 000 leads per month that you can market and profit from!

List-Elevate puts you in complete control of your list-building empire and your massive financial gains. Simply refer people to this ultra-fast list building system and benefit with leads they generate along with a 50% residual commission payout program. A 25% direct referral commission is paid to you, plus a 25% matching check based on the total sales generated by your referrals. Making use of List-Elevate is the fastest way to grow your list and income.

+ Build a massive mailing list ultra-fast with an email follow-up system already set up.

+ Generate profits ultra-quick with all generated leads falling into a specific already set up campaign.

+ Leverage teams for your list and income growth with this new hands-free pier to pier list building platform.

Refer people! Collect leads! Market and cash in with a massive new email list! Enjoy a highly lucrative and highly profitable compensation plan. The rewards and incentives are unmatched!

On top of it all, they are kicking in two additional fast action bonus payouts.


For every 5 paid clients you bring into List-Elevate within a calendar week you will receive an additional one-time bonus of $100! Bring 10 paid clients in a calendar week and receive $200, bring 15 paid clients and you will receive $300, etc. on top of your regular commissions!


For every 100 paid clients you bring into List-Elevate over any period of time. Collect a $500.00 Residual BONUS every month on top of your regular commissions!

Leveraging the power of others to build your list and income has never been easier!

I hope you really take a close look at this one! The leads and cash funnels set up on this one are insane!

You can check out the video on this page, it explains it all!


Thanks for your time! I truly hope that this one helps you out!

Gisela Beckermann

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What to Know about Employee Retention Tax Credit [reviewed]

Last year Covid-19 caused businesses to close all across America. The U.S. Government responded with unprecedented stimulus payments, such as the Paycheck Protection Program called P.P.P. or the Employee Retention Credit called E.R.C.

The P.P.P was widely used and popular as it got money to Business Owners FAST. On the other side, the E.R.C was not as common, and business owners could NOT get both. It was ONE or the OTHER.

The reason for this video is to show you, that you may qualify for an additional E.R.C tax credit. For example, if your firm employed more than TEN W-2 employees in 2019, you may be eligible.
In the first round of the E.R.C. program for the year twenty twenty there was a FIFTY percent tax credit on “Qualified Wages”

If your business was partially suspended, shut down or you had a fifty percent decrease in receipts compared to twenty nineteen, you might qualify.

Fast forward to March 3, 2021

That is when Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act (A.R.P.A). It EXTENDED the E.R.C program until the end of LAST year. Not only that, but it provided a SEVENTY percent tax credit
for “Qualified Wages” for each quarter in 2021.

Let’s show you some examples of what we were able to recover for our clients A Restaurant in Washington State with ELEVEN W-2 employees. They got Five Hundred Twenty Thousand Dollars back.

A Non Profit Care Facility in Georgia with FOURTY NINE employees. They received TWO HUNDRED FOURTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

A Janitorial Company in Pennsylvania with FIFTY FIVE employees. Got ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY THROUSAND DOLLARS back.

We could list many more refunds, and you can easily see we are talking REAL money here. Very few business owners know about this, and are leaving huge amounts of money on the table.

We partnered with a group of specialists, CPA’s and Tax Attorneys

To see if your company qualifies, please visit our website at
Find out if your company is due a substantial tax credit on your payroll expenses.

One more thing… Just to be clear. Our certified team of CPA’s and accountants specialize in helping businesses get their tax credits returned. Get your FREE evaluation to see if your company qualifies for a refund. For more information and case studies, please visit

and see how much money you should get back. [US businesses only]




Gisela Beckermann

Tel: (415) 275-3304

[New] Create Amazing Video Presentations Using “VidPresent” Reviewed

Launching January 28, 2022 – VidPresent

A Groundbreaking App Creates ‘Video Presentations’ that Attract, Inform, Educate and Persuade Audiences to buy your products and services online. VidPresent. Use it to create awesome presentations!

This Modern Video Presentations Platform comes with Commercial rights And Tons of DFY Local Niche Campaigns to make it easy to Create and Sell Video Presentations.


VIDEO Has PROVEN Powers to Attract & Educate Audiences

However Marketers/Entrepreneurs still struggle to get decent engagement on their videos.

So what’s the secret to getting more engagement and sales using VIDEOS?

Using a Real Human FACE in Videos
Invoke Human Emotions

Why do videos with faces work so well?

1 People are hardwired to respond to faces
2 People are always looking for real human connections!

Plus, Faces in Video Captures Audience Attention. It Also Helps Build Transparency and Trust which is crucial for getting sales.

Putting on a Face in video is just a start. In order to really establish a connection and in order to invoke a certain emotion,

Your Video content needs to be Engaging, Persuasive and highly informative, Just like a Presentation.

Combine both Video and Presentations and You have a Powerful tool to Build Trust, Transparency and Get More sales.

VidPresent is a Cloud based Video app that creates highly persuasive, Engaging Video Presentations within a few clicks

3 SMART Modes To Record NEXT Level Video Presentations –
Face Mode- Shows Face only i.e. camera feed
Zoom in Slides – Zoom in slides to cover full screen with important slide information
Show them both – Show them both side by side

Creates Video Presentations in Any Size
Creating videos in multiple sizes is a must in 2022. With the rise of mobile, it’s highly important that you create videos in any size – Landscape, Square, Vertical.

Tons of ‘Video Presentations Templates’
Lets you easily create video presentations for any business purpose.

Zoom in, Zoom Out To Make Your Videos STAND-OUT
Zoom in Images added to the Slides to explain important points in detail.

DFY Templates in Local Niche
Get Access to HOT Local Niche Templates, Easily sell Videos to Local Business owners around you.

Trim The Video To Perfection
Practice and Record within the Same Cloud Based Dashboard till you are Satisfied, then Save and Share your video.

Turn Old PPT Presentations into a Video
Superb Flexibility with VidPresent Lets you Upload your own Presentations and turn them into a Video!

Millions of Copyright Free Images and Multimedia Elements
Import your own Images or simply choose from millions of images inside with integrations such as pexels and pixabay.

Record Your Screen
User-friendly Screen recorder to help record & download HD screen captures instantly.

Commercial Rights
Sell Video Presentations to Businesses Around you. Local Businesses are desperately looking for new ways to Get more customers, Video Presentations will Boost their business like anything else. Keep 100% of all Video Presentations you sell.

& so much more like…
+ Record and Trim Videos
+ Save Videos on Cloud
+ Use Webcam Mirror
+ Fully Cloud Based App
+ Easy to Use + In-App Tutorials
+ Unsplash & Pexels Integration
+ Share videos on social media

Create Video Presentations in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Choose a Video Presentation Template

Choose from 30+ Video Presentation Templates to Create Persuasive Videos to get more engagement on videos. 

Step 2: Add Slides along with Multimedia elements such as Images, emojis, Text, etc.

Add Presentation Elements to Each slide such as Images, Emoji’s Text, as well as source images from millions of image resources right within the app

Step 3: Practice, Record and Share!


There you have it #VidPresent

This cloud based Video Software called “VidPresent” launches January 28, 2022. Pick it up if you think it might help you grow your business.


Gisela Beckermann

P.S. Visit our website here

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