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Pay Per Revenue Marketing: Light a Fire under Sales, Customer Loyalty and ROI

Pay Per Revenue

Pay Per Revenue Marketing: Light a Fire under Sales, Customer Loyalty and ROI

To impress your clients right off the bat in the new year, why not run some online advertising campaigns that will inject new life into conversions, bolster existing customer loyalty and wildly improve ROI? Yes, we are talking about Pay Per Revenue marketing, also referred to as cashback advertising.

Here’s what happens in a nutshell. Businesses run ads that promise their customers cash back with a full-price purchase on certain promotional items. The ads drive customers to a site to buy. Businesses need only pay for the service if they make a sale. Businesses are happy, their customers are happy, and we make it happen.

Set Local Businesses Apart from Their Competition

Businesses that offer cashback rewards set themselves apart from their competition who are not making such offers. Many types of businesses may benefit. However, particularly good candidates include

  • Businesses that get a big percentage of their sales during major holidays and sales promotions
  • Services businesses such as beauty salons and food service businesses where small, repeating purchases are the norm

Pay Per Revenue marketing can generate a more stable income flow for such businesses. Sales and discounts may bring in sales in the short term, but a Pay Per Revenue model can increase profits long term.

Retain Brand Value that Discounting Erodes

The occasional sale can send a ripple of excitement across a local businesses customer base and bring in some cash. But when merchandise is discounted too often, it starts to lose value in the eyes of customers. And once a brand is devalued, sales start to slip and growth plummets.

Unlike discounting, Pay Per Revenue programs enable businesses to offer their customers increased value without devaluing their brand with constant discounts.

Reward Loyal, Returning Customers

If you are always offering discounts, you aren’t building customer loyalty. You are just making sales to people who will turn their backs on you as soon as a competitor offers a lower price.

Cashback promotions on the other hand, reward your existing customers for their loyalty rather than attracting those just looking for the next sale. This is particularly true if you offer increasing rewards on a tier system.

Encourage Larger Purchases

When a business develops a cashback program, it encourages customers to spend more money per transaction in order to receive a reward.  Cashback programs can further increase customer loyalty by offering spending level tiers.

This may work in a variety of ways, but one way is that a customer gets additional cash back if they spend a set amount over the course of a time period such as a calendar year.

Another possibility is increasing the cashback percentage based on the total cart size or the total amount of promotional items purchased.

Either way, unlike discounts, your Pay Per Revenue program will increase customer loyalty.  Customers are much more to shop with you if they know you offer attractive cashback promotions.

How Does Pay Per Revenue Marketing Work?

Pay Per Revenue advertising can work in various ways.

Cashback Sites

Cashback sites is one way to go. Cashback sites offer cashback promotions from various vendors often by way of a portal. Cashback sites advertise a brand’s product, and the brand company pays the cashback site a commission when the site sends a paying customer to the store’s website or brick and mortar location.

But you don’t need to rely on cashback sites for your Pay Per Revenue program. There is another way.

A Wide Variety of Websites and Networks

Rather than forcing customers to go to a cashback site, you can advertise cashback offers on a wide variety of websites and networks.

Here’s how Umbrella offers white label Pay Per Revenue services:

  • Umbrella places local businesses cashback ads on hundreds of the most popular websites and apps.
  • Their customer links the credit card they want to use to purchase goods eligible for cashback.
  • A customer then makes a purchase either online or in-store with the linked card.
  • Umbrella tracks the sales through partnerships with credit cards and publishers.
  • The business can track all transactions via an online dashboard.
  • The business collects 100% of the payment.
  • The business pays Umbrella no more than 15% in total for cashback and a small commission. For example, if we generate $50,000 in sales for the business, we will not take more than $7500 for the entire campaign including the cashback we provide to the businesses customers.
  • Umbrella pays the businesses customer the cashback.
  • What this means is that Umbrella guarantees 500% ROI!

Umbrella’s Method is Completely Transparent

Umbrella will provide you with a dashboard where you can track online and offline sales. The business can see all the details of each transaction Umbrella’s Pay Per Revenue marketing service generates for them.

Could I Do It on My Own?

Could you run a Pay Per Revenue marketing program on your own? Theoretically, yes you could.

But there a are a lot of detailed moving parts that take time to set up. You would need to develop partnerships with major credit card companies as well as website publishers and networks. If your promotions are being run across national boundaries, the complexities increase.

We can help!

You don’t need to enact a Pay Per Revenue marketing program all on your own. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how you can get an ROI of 500% using Pay Per Revenue services.

Setup your FREE consultation here


Brought to you by

Gisela Beckermann

Tel: (415) 275-3304 (leave a message)




[Article by Deborah Kurfiss of the Umbrella team]


[VidUber reviewed] best affordable video hosting for business for 2022

VidUber video hosting that pays out 60% in commissions

It’s out and launching publicly very soon! A true video hosting service that is looking after its video maniacs! You can spend hours searching for the best video hosting companies and their competitive advantages. Hosting and streaming video is one thing, but including video follow-up systems and an unmatched compensation plan is what separates Viduber from the video masses.

With Uber quickness, enjoy the ability to record video, upload and download video, record audio-only or simply record your desktop in an ultra-fast, highly secured video processing environment.

Enjoy the culture within our Global video community. Hit the leaderboards and profit greatly with a 60% commission payout referral program, which auto qualifies you to participate in regular monthly contests as well. Collect a 35% direct commission on all your paid referrals and an additional 25% matching check based on the referral totals, from your, directs. The residual amount payouts are staggering, along with contest prizes which consist of cars and precious metals, which are truly building incredible culture, longevity, and customer loyalty and appreciation!

There is truly nothing like this in the video hosting space, UNTIL NOW!

Welcome to Viduber! A video marketing platform that every new and seasoned entrepreneur needs! Social proof wins every time. Seeing is believing!

Viduber is new and exciting and has the market’s competitive advantage when speaking of video marketing! Included with Viduber is a complete video template builder. With its easy-to-use drag and drop features, you can create many video landing pages with ease. All centered around your video and offer. Collect, capture data, and follow up with your viewers and subscribers through the very powerful lead capture autoresponder system which is also included to make Viduber and its capabilities the number one video service provider. The true top gun for all your video marketing needs.

Viduber puts you in complete control of your video empire and your massive financial gains. It is your video creator, video recorder, video upload time capsule. Storing all your videos in a highly secure environment. Capture video viewers and subscribers through the power of video and capitalize on massive profits today!

All in one location on one extremely powerful and highly profitable video account.

Check out Viduber here


Gisela Beckermann, Skype: gilaworld

[VidUber Review] Is there such a thing as an Easy Button Business?

Copy & Paste this 8 Figure Business from Scratch (Even if You Don’t Have Anything to Sell)

🔥 My #1 Recommendation To Work from Home & travel the world

There is no such thing as an easy one-click solution to a successful business or to life. When you think about it, anything you have really been proud of took time, energy, work and sacrifice. Building a business is not for the faint of heart and will always be HARD work…but it is still WAY better than working for a boss or for a company that only has its own best interests in mind and not yours. It’s better for you financially. It’s better for flexibility as it gives you true freedom with your time. Working a JOB is “hard”… Running a business is “hard”… Choose YOUR “hard” and make the best of it.

In this video, we give some great tips on what to do and expect on the journey to running a business.

#1 rule is to sell only products or services you actually believe in yourself.

Bring VALUE to the marketplace. The world does not need more rubbish, so choose wisely what you want to contribute. It will make you more content and it will help people who purchase these items.

Be selective and proud of what you have to offer.

Today’s recommendation for you is a Video Hosting Service called VidUber.


Take a look at it here

What does it do and why should you take a serious look at it?

  • Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. Never pay surprising video overage fees again
  • Lightening fast video streaming ALWAYS with our distribution network or your money back!
  • Unlimited Video Streaming
  • Unmatched Affiliate Program [earn up to 60% of residual income from people you refer]
  • Try it for $1 today


Make it a great day today.


Gisela Beckermann

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P.S. Get in touch if you have questions, I am here to help!

#viduber #videohosting #affiliates

2022 Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | Work from Home | ClickBank | List Building | Cold Traffic

Why is VidUber a great Affiliate Opportunity especially if you are a beginner?

Get paid 35% direct commissions and 25% Matching check commissions on your directs for a total payout of 60%

Any great opportunity always starts with an amazing product!

Video hosting and streaming has grown 1200% per year for the past 5 years!

Customers will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. Never pay surprising video overage fees again.

Lightening fast video streaming ALWAYS with our distribution network or your money back!

A reliable service means happy customers. Happy customers means you get paid great residual commissions for a lifetime!!

VidUber gets my highest recommendation! Why? Because I have known the owner of this company, Joel Therien for the past 10 years. I have used their services and know they have First Class Support, 24/7 and deliver on their promises.

Start your One Month, $1 Trial today and see for yourself!

Have a fantastic day!

Gisela Beckermann

Free website traffic with credit based EliteSafelist

EliteSafelist is a sizzling hot credit based safelist that you may have heard of if you like free traffic programs.

So what’s all the excitement about? Here’s what you need to know.

First, EliteSafelist allows you to email all of its verified, double opt-in members through their safelist advertising system. This is an incredible feature, because it allows you to have instant access to a list of thousands of people.

The average person has a lot of difficulty building a mailing list, so it’s great knowing that EliteSafelist is growing this list every single day and helping you increase your advertising.

Another huge plus is that members have a huge incentive to read your emails. In order to send an email, members have to earn mailing credits. The only way they can earn those credits is by reading your emails!

That means when you are send out an advertisement from EliteSafelist, you know that your ads will be seen by people that are excited to see it.

Another big thing you need to hear about is the downline builder at EliteSafelist, because this one is unique.

Most downline builders allow you to change the affiliate links to yours, so when people go to sign up for the programs, they join through your affiliate link.

EliteSafelist gives you the power to build your downlines to infinite levels, because your affiliate links will show to anyone below you that hasn’t entered in their affiliate IDs.

For example, let’s say you refer Bill, and he forgets to fill in the downline builder with his affiliate IDs.

Then Bill refers Jane into his downline. Jane sees the downline builder, and decides to join all of the programs. Well since Bill didn’t put his affiliate IDs, Jane ended up signing up under YOUR links!

Bill and your other downlines could end up doing work for you, building your downlines for YOU. Most other downline builders give referrals to the website owner if no one fills out the form.

Speaking of building downlines, they also have an awesome affiliate program. You get residual commissions for upgrades, commissions on credit purchases, and mailing credits for each referral.

Most importantly, EliteSafelist is one of the most responsive credit based safelists I’ve ever used.

They are ranked as one of the best safelists on the Internet at both Traffic Hoopla and Safelist Rankings. They are endorsed by some of the biggest Internet Marketers in the world. And they are growing at an incredible rate, meaning that your ads are always being seen by brand new eyes.

There is one minor downside, and this is common among all credit based safelists. You will receive a ton of email to your list email address.

When you register, put your primary email address as the contact email. For the list email, I recommend not using an email that receives important stuff, because you can expect to receive around 100 emails a day.

If you’ve used credit based safelists before, you know that this is normal, so it’s not really a negative. But if you’re new to the credit based safelist world, this may be overwhelming at first.

The reason you’ll want to read those emails is so that you can earn mailing credits. Don’t worry though, since you don’t have to read every single email. Just read what you can when you can.

Here’s a recap

The Good
* You can send emails to thousands of verified, double opt-in members
* Get guaranteed website traffic in minutes
* Incredibly responsive so that you can build your list and make sales
* An infinite level, viral downline building system that actually helps you
* Very strong history, credibility, and ratings. This is a place you can trust and one of the best credit based safelists online.
* A generous affiliate program
* Innovative, active ownership
* Frequent contests and events

The Bad
* You’ll receive a lot of email
* Can be a lot to learn if you’re new to credit based safelists (there are video tutorials and lots of help inside though)

Looking at everything, I highly recommend EliteSafelist to build your business. There’s far too much you get out of this program to worry about the small downsides.

Visit the link and join EliteSafelist here

Have a productive day

Gisela Beckermann

Make PASSIVE INCOME Every Month Sharing *THIS APP* Reviewed

Today my friend Anthony is going to show you how to make money online simply helping entrepreneurs/small business owners with their email marketing.

Anthony Morrison

If you’re an email marketing expert, that’s great – this could really help increase your income, but if you’re a total beginner don’t worry, he is going to show you how to leverage other people’s expertise so you don’t have to be a pro just to make money in this niche.

Plus, stick around until the end because I’m not only going to show you how to make some quick money from this method, but how to potentially turn this strategy into a full-time income.

Watch this VIDEO today!


John Thornhill knows why you are failing online [August 2021 reviewed]

I know that’s a bold claim, isn’t it? I mean is the dude psychic or something?

How can John Thornhill possibly know why you’re failing online and more importantly. Can he help fix it?

John Thornhill

John Thornhill


Allow me to explain.

13 years ago, John walked out of the car plant that he had been working in for many years to go it alone and run his own online business.

Over the years he has had thousands of interactions with his students and subscribers.

And time after time there is one big thing that keeps coming up that people aren’t doing and it’s stopping them becoming successful, if you are not doing this ONE THING He guarantees you will not succeed online.

He will reveal what it is and how to ‘fix it’ in under 5 minutes on a brand new LIVE webinar we are doing this week.

This is brand new content that has never been revealed and I do hope you can join him, I promise you won’t regret it.

Secure your spot while there are still seats remaining.


This is a 🍎🍏🍊 FREE WEBINAR for our subscribers only and John’s gonna show you exactly how to FIX your online business in under 5 minutes! Don’t miss it

Thinking about starting your own Podcast? [bCast Suite Review]

❓❓❓ What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal
device [like a cellphone] for easy listening. Here is a PODCAST that Elizabeth Bachman puts on.


I listen in regularly to get tips from her. It’s a Free Podcast and it is full of valuable information. She teaches Executives how to become a better presenter and speaker, and how to get RESULTS by improving your communication skills. How do you get that new client, get the promotion to move up the ladder at work, get funding for your startup? Listen in, you will learn a lot!

❓❓❓ What’s bCast Suite?

It’s a newbie-friendly audio and podcast marketing platform, where you can use AI voices that makes it easier for anybody to create content, create podcasts/voiceovers and promote, share, and market that podcast to the top 20 networks. It can be used in many languages.

It’s also a powerful, all-in-one podcast marketing solution, built in the cloud.
Use it with ANY niche. Whatever you are interested in can become a podcast, you can even create one that has recurring paid subscribers.This complete set of tools will help users drive more traffic and make more sales by following the new trend of podcasting and the resurgence of audio on the web.
[example: #Clubhouse]


❓❓❓ bCast Suite is the World’s First Platform To Create, Curate & Promote Podcast For Newbies & Business Owners!

Here are some of its features.

✔️Post your podcasts to 20 of the top podcasting sites (iTunes, Spotify, etc)
✔️Multiply your traffic with the return of audio.
✔️Develop a quality presence online with a custom podcast website.
✔️Grow your email list like never before.
✔️Build strong relationships with your audience
✔️Sell more products and/or services.
✔️Be done with monthly payments — one-time fee, forever.
✔️Create transcriptions.
✔️Connect to your autoresponder for more growth
✔️Integrate with Zapier for unlimited possibilities
✔️Discover trends with powerful built-in analytics.
✔️Easily add paid ads & CTAs with “Dynamic Content Insertion”.
✔️Create an automatic, custom podcast page for even more traffic.
✔️Build a following that will know, like & trust you.
✔️Immediately start earning with a private podcast with recurring income.
✔️Integrated with Google & Facebook Pixels for precision retargeting.
✔️Easily create highlight segments to share with potential followers.


🔊🔊🔊 I feel that bCast Suite IS PERFECT for 💯💯💯

👍 Develop strong ties to your customer base as you connect with them through your podcast.

👍 Start a podcast focused on your areas of expertise. Connect with potential clients regularly.

Develop podcasts for clients to help them reach out to their customers like never before.

👍 Use podcasts to guage the interest in a particular niche or product. Buyers will be coming to you.

👍 All the frustrations you’ve faced trying to create, host and share your podcasts are solved with this

👍 Don’t just send an email to your list, invited them to subscribe to your weekly (or daily!) reviews.

👍 Reach the customers right in your area by targeting local issues and concerns. Advertisers will follow.


👉 WATCH A DEMO OF bCast Suite HERE 👈


Have a great day!

-Gisela Beckermann

skype: gilaworld


#neilnapier #podcastsoftware #bCastSuiteReview


IOS14.5 Update. Zuckerberg lost 10lbs while prepping for the iOS 14.5 update

His own words. Yes. Not mine. See his post

There’s been a lot of noise about the iOS 14.5 update this week.

Are you sick and tired of wasting your hard-earned money on Facebook™ Ads that don’t convert, maybe it’s time that you…

Discover How To Create Automated Social Media Campaigns That Sell ❓
Discover how a revolutionary new tool can help you legally and ethically “hijack” Facebook’s
multi-billion dollar AI infrastructure, and use it grow your following, increase engagement, and boost sales❓

👉 If you are sick and tired of

✔️ Wasting your money on under performing FB Ads
✔️ Spending countless hours inside the Ads Manager trying to figure out what’s wrong
✔️ Watching how others in your field are profiting from their FB ads, while you’re struggling to break-even

…then this the most important page you’ll visit today

Contrary to what many “gurus” say, running FB ads is easy. What’s hard is running PROFITABLE ads that bring high return on investment on each Dollar invested

✔️ Human attention span is 8 seconds
✔️ Facebook constantly makes changes inside its Ads Manager
✔️ Cost of advertising is constantly going up

Luckily there is a way out
✔️ Run profitable ads on a budget.
✔️ Get higher returns on the money you spend
✔️ Drastically reduce your costs per click

How do you make sure that your ads are in conjunction with Facebook’s wishes, and that they’ll bring great results for your business?

Surprisingly, Facebook clearly said what they want and what will they favor, and it seems that they listened to their users. People don’t want ads! They want to interact with other people! That’s why Facebook constantly decreases the organic reach of your Page’s posts.

But here’s a part that everyone seems to have missed…

“Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed.”
That’s right! They explicitly told us that it’ll reward the Pages and posts that generate interaction.

So what’s the conclusion? You should take your best-performing Page posts that get engagement and
turn them into ads!

Why? Because iOS 14.5 changes EVERYTHING we know about Facebook advertising.

My businesses heavily rely on Facebook Ads to meet my growth goals. Particularly, retargeting ads.

And the sad news is that…

Pixel-based retargeting ads seem to be getting the biggest hit with the upcoming iOS 14.5 update. 🔨

No wonder the Z. was restless and lost weight.

So Wilco de Kreij had many sleepless nights pulling his hair out… [See the picture below]




…looking for ways to protect his business despite all changes…

…and reading Facebook’s technical documentation to find a way out.

Finally, he discovered a unique audience type that’s compatible with the iOS 14 update — which is unbeknownst to almost any Facebook advertiser (it was hidden deep inside Facebook’s API documentation).

Click here to watch #WilcodeKreij video about this brand-new retargeting audience type…


❓❓❓Want to know about the changes that are coming your way due to the Apple IOS14 upgrade? Then watch this VIDEO today and be prepared for MASSIVE changes!


Have a fantastic day and stay well!

-Gisela Beckermann

Skype: gilaworld


Page Dyno Review, it’s not just a landing page builder

You Want Amazing Looking Lead Capture Pages That Are Almost As Fast As You Can Think Them?

PageDyno is the business friendly, list building platform that guarantees more opt-ins and less hassles…
Your pages will look great in any browser on any device (including mobile & tablet) so you’ll be up and
running fast!

TIP: In addition to creating attention grabbing, fun pages, video backgrounds can also help to
establish trust. Use a video background to show you, your product, your service, your manufacturing
process and much more. Video backgrounds help BOOST conversion because you’re adding extra
visual social proof and increasing engagement before your visitors have opted in to your list…

Making video background pages with PageDyno is point & click simple

Easily Create Multi-Step Pages:

Depending on your campaign, using a multi-step, opt-ins can lead to higher conversion rates.
Instead of immediately asking for the opt-in use a ‘Step 1’ page to ask a question or demonstrate
something before visitors are shown the opt-in form – With PageDyno running a multi-step opt-in
is a fast way to fine tune your audience targeting and segmentation.

Turn Your Pages Into ‘Pop-Ups’:

PageDyno gives you the option to embed your opt-in boxes (including multi-step boxes) into your web pages directly using a simple, copy/paste code snippet.

You can also configure the pop-ups to ‘LOCK’ the page below it – TIP: Locking a page is a great way
to collect opt-ins before visitors can access specific content on your site and is used extensively on
mainstream news sites.

We’ve also added the functionality to add these Pop-Ups over 3rd Party Web Pages (See demo #9 above)

You can also control the frequency of Pop-Ups for returning visitors (Every visit, daily, weekly or just
one time and never show it again) — Just add the code to your HTML page or WordPress site and set a
trigger to activate it.

There’s just so many different ways to use PageDyno to build your list and grow your business…
You can build opt-in pages, affiliate promotion pages even quick and easy sales pages. You can build
pre-webinar registration pages, prize draws or contest opt-ins, workshop registration pages and more.
And all in just couple clicks.

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