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[New] Create Amazing Video Presentations Using “VidPresent” Reviewed

Launching January 28, 2022 – VidPresent

A Groundbreaking App Creates ‘Video Presentations’ that Attract, Inform, Educate and Persuade Audiences to buy your products and services online. VidPresent. Use it to create awesome presentations!

This Modern Video Presentations Platform comes with Commercial rights And Tons of DFY Local Niche Campaigns to make it easy to Create and Sell Video Presentations.


VIDEO Has PROVEN Powers to Attract & Educate Audiences

However Marketers/Entrepreneurs still struggle to get decent engagement on their videos.

So what’s the secret to getting more engagement and sales using VIDEOS?

Using a Real Human FACE in Videos
Invoke Human Emotions

Why do videos with faces work so well?

1 People are hardwired to respond to faces
2 People are always looking for real human connections!

Plus, Faces in Video Captures Audience Attention. It Also Helps Build Transparency and Trust which is crucial for getting sales.

Putting on a Face in video is just a start. In order to really establish a connection and in order to invoke a certain emotion,

Your Video content needs to be Engaging, Persuasive and highly informative, Just like a Presentation.

Combine both Video and Presentations and You have a Powerful tool to Build Trust, Transparency and Get More sales.

VidPresent is a Cloud based Video app that creates highly persuasive, Engaging Video Presentations within a few clicks

3 SMART Modes To Record NEXT Level Video Presentations –
Face Mode- Shows Face only i.e. camera feed
Zoom in Slides – Zoom in slides to cover full screen with important slide information
Show them both – Show them both side by side

Creates Video Presentations in Any Size
Creating videos in multiple sizes is a must in 2022. With the rise of mobile, it’s highly important that you create videos in any size – Landscape, Square, Vertical.

Tons of ‘Video Presentations Templates’
Lets you easily create video presentations for any business purpose.

Zoom in, Zoom Out To Make Your Videos STAND-OUT
Zoom in Images added to the Slides to explain important points in detail.

DFY Templates in Local Niche
Get Access to HOT Local Niche Templates, Easily sell Videos to Local Business owners around you.

Trim The Video To Perfection
Practice and Record within the Same Cloud Based Dashboard till you are Satisfied, then Save and Share your video.

Turn Old PPT Presentations into a Video
Superb Flexibility with VidPresent Lets you Upload your own Presentations and turn them into a Video!

Millions of Copyright Free Images and Multimedia Elements
Import your own Images or simply choose from millions of images inside with integrations such as pexels and pixabay.

Record Your Screen
User-friendly Screen recorder to help record & download HD screen captures instantly.

Commercial Rights
Sell Video Presentations to Businesses Around you. Local Businesses are desperately looking for new ways to Get more customers, Video Presentations will Boost their business like anything else. Keep 100% of all Video Presentations you sell.

& so much more like…
+ Record and Trim Videos
+ Save Videos on Cloud
+ Use Webcam Mirror
+ Fully Cloud Based App
+ Easy to Use + In-App Tutorials
+ Unsplash & Pexels Integration
+ Share videos on social media

Create Video Presentations in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Choose a Video Presentation Template

Choose from 30+ Video Presentation Templates to Create Persuasive Videos to get more engagement on videos. 

Step 2: Add Slides along with Multimedia elements such as Images, emojis, Text, etc.

Add Presentation Elements to Each slide such as Images, Emoji’s Text, as well as source images from millions of image resources right within the app

Step 3: Practice, Record and Share!


There you have it #VidPresent

This cloud based Video Software called “VidPresent” launches January 28, 2022. Pick it up if you think it might help you grow your business.


Gisela Beckermann

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How To Run Automated Scheduled Webinars for Cheap [Reviewed for 2022]


Make Killer Webinars Even If You’ve Never Done Them Before.

How To Run Automated Scheduled Webinars With Pre-recorded Video And Chat For A One-Time-Fee of $35

Run Live, Automated & Scheduled Webinars With No Training & No Running Expenses to grow your business quickly!

Webinars Are The Most Powerful Sales Technique On The Internet Right Now

89% Of Marketers Agree Webinars Is The Best Way To Sell High Value Products and Services

Do you want to sell coaching? High-value trainings? Expensive products?

You just can’t do without a webinar. A landing page and an explainer won’t make a 4 figure sale for you.
You’ll need to talk to your audience. Pitch to them!

It can only be done on a webinar. Don’t make the mistake of not having one if you want to be counted among the big-shots.

You think you can grow without Webinars? Well, think again.

Right about now, there are competitors who are selling with webinars to an audience that you cannot even imagine tapping into.

No matter what product or service you sell, webinars make selling easier.

Take a look how Webinars boost profits for businesses worldwide.

Webinarloop will get you sales from webinar even if you enter without any prior experience and without even a product. You’ll be able to convert any video to a webinar.

  • Stop helplessly watching your competition succeed with webinars.
  • Stop fretting about paying a Webinar service 100s of dollars a month just to get started.
  • Stop worrying about making serious mistakes on live webinars.
  • Stop having to do the same webinar over and over again cause you don’t have effective automation.
  • Stop worrying that you won’t have enough people to get on a call.
  • Stop running small webinars cause your webinar infrastructure does not support your success.

Yours truly,

Gisela Beckermann * skype: gilaworld * email:

P.S. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for solopreneurs who don’t have enormous budgets to make a fortune online!

Reviewed “How to deal with objections and make the Sale”

Are you having trouble landing new business? Are your current clients asking for discounts? In a time of shrinking budgets, it’s a customer’s job to ask for a lower price. However, it isn’t your job to give in! In this episode, host, Elizabeth Bachman, shows you ways of dealing with objections and getting past ‘no.’ The wisdom that Elizabeth will share is very valuable for you to make the sale. After all, if you don’t have sales, then how will you keep a functioning business, especially at this trying time? * Tel: 415-967-1014 Elizabeth Bachman is a Public Speaking Trainer and Presentation Skills Coach who teaches people how to overcome their fear of speaking and helps with creating their signature speech. She is also called the “Star Maker for Speakers’ and teaches students all over the world as she is fluent in 5 languages.