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Pay Per Revenue Marketing: Light a Fire under Sales, Customer Loyalty and ROI

Pay Per Revenue

Pay Per Revenue Marketing: Light a Fire under Sales, Customer Loyalty and ROI

To impress your clients right off the bat in the new year, why not run some online advertising campaigns that will inject new life into conversions, bolster existing customer loyalty and wildly improve ROI? Yes, we are talking about Pay Per Revenue marketing, also referred to as cashback advertising.

Here’s what happens in a nutshell. Businesses run ads that promise their customers cash back with a full-price purchase on certain promotional items. The ads drive customers to a site to buy. Businesses need only pay for the service if they make a sale. Businesses are happy, their customers are happy, and we make it happen.

Set Local Businesses Apart from Their Competition

Businesses that offer cashback rewards set themselves apart from their competition who are not making such offers. Many types of businesses may benefit. However, particularly good candidates include

  • Businesses that get a big percentage of their sales during major holidays and sales promotions
  • Services businesses such as beauty salons and food service businesses where small, repeating purchases are the norm

Pay Per Revenue marketing can generate a more stable income flow for such businesses. Sales and discounts may bring in sales in the short term, but a Pay Per Revenue model can increase profits long term.

Retain Brand Value that Discounting Erodes

The occasional sale can send a ripple of excitement across a local businesses customer base and bring in some cash. But when merchandise is discounted too often, it starts to lose value in the eyes of customers. And once a brand is devalued, sales start to slip and growth plummets.

Unlike discounting, Pay Per Revenue programs enable businesses to offer their customers increased value without devaluing their brand with constant discounts.

Reward Loyal, Returning Customers

If you are always offering discounts, you aren’t building customer loyalty. You are just making sales to people who will turn their backs on you as soon as a competitor offers a lower price.

Cashback promotions on the other hand, reward your existing customers for their loyalty rather than attracting those just looking for the next sale. This is particularly true if you offer increasing rewards on a tier system.

Encourage Larger Purchases

When a business develops a cashback program, it encourages customers to spend more money per transaction in order to receive a reward.  Cashback programs can further increase customer loyalty by offering spending level tiers.

This may work in a variety of ways, but one way is that a customer gets additional cash back if they spend a set amount over the course of a time period such as a calendar year.

Another possibility is increasing the cashback percentage based on the total cart size or the total amount of promotional items purchased.

Either way, unlike discounts, your Pay Per Revenue program will increase customer loyalty.  Customers are much more to shop with you if they know you offer attractive cashback promotions.

How Does Pay Per Revenue Marketing Work?

Pay Per Revenue advertising can work in various ways.

Cashback Sites

Cashback sites is one way to go. Cashback sites offer cashback promotions from various vendors often by way of a portal. Cashback sites advertise a brand’s product, and the brand company pays the cashback site a commission when the site sends a paying customer to the store’s website or brick and mortar location.

But you don’t need to rely on cashback sites for your Pay Per Revenue program. There is another way.

A Wide Variety of Websites and Networks

Rather than forcing customers to go to a cashback site, you can advertise cashback offers on a wide variety of websites and networks.

Here’s how Umbrella offers white label Pay Per Revenue services:

  • Umbrella places local businesses cashback ads on hundreds of the most popular websites and apps.
  • Their customer links the credit card they want to use to purchase goods eligible for cashback.
  • A customer then makes a purchase either online or in-store with the linked card.
  • Umbrella tracks the sales through partnerships with credit cards and publishers.
  • The business can track all transactions via an online dashboard.
  • The business collects 100% of the payment.
  • The business pays Umbrella no more than 15% in total for cashback and a small commission. For example, if we generate $50,000 in sales for the business, we will not take more than $7500 for the entire campaign including the cashback we provide to the businesses customers.
  • Umbrella pays the businesses customer the cashback.
  • What this means is that Umbrella guarantees 500% ROI!

Umbrella’s Method is Completely Transparent

Umbrella will provide you with a dashboard where you can track online and offline sales. The business can see all the details of each transaction Umbrella’s Pay Per Revenue marketing service generates for them.

Could I Do It on My Own?

Could you run a Pay Per Revenue marketing program on your own? Theoretically, yes you could.

But there a are a lot of detailed moving parts that take time to set up. You would need to develop partnerships with major credit card companies as well as website publishers and networks. If your promotions are being run across national boundaries, the complexities increase.

We can help!

You don’t need to enact a Pay Per Revenue marketing program all on your own. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how you can get an ROI of 500% using Pay Per Revenue services.

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[Article by Deborah Kurfiss of the Umbrella team]


Knock Knock… Is this Business Open?

Open for Business

You’re ready to buy something from a business near you.
You jump online for a quick search.
First Google…
Then Facebook…

But instead of finding a high quality branded business page, what you find has you wondering:

“Anybody work here…are they still in business???”

The ultimate silent business killer…

How many times do quality prospects have second thoughts when they see
half-finished, or near-abandoned social profiles?

Every business, new or old, needs professional authority and presence in the market.

Poorly executed social media can make a bad first impression that sabotages us!

If you can see the value of improving your social presence, I want to help.

See What Our Team Created For 2022

P.S. Social can be one of those areas of marketing where it’s easy to feel lost…

# What should I post?
# How often should I do it?
# Is this really helping me?

And even if you have a solid plan the entire exercise of curating content can be a nightmare…

# Find the right photos…
# Searching for something relevant and valuable to share…
# Trying to get the frequency right…

It can quickly turn into this crazy time sink!

I can see why people do it in little bursts and then just seem to give up.

That’s why I had my team create something to help in 2022…

See What Our Team Created For 2022

Gisela Beckermann

skype: gilaworld

How to Start Selling Online in 2022 with Ecom Landing Pages

Avoid the hassle of selling on third-party marketplaces. Go from idea to “open for business” in five minutes flat with ecommerce landing pages.


Anyone who’s tried to sell something online knows how intimidating it can be. Most online sales platforms require designing an entire website, setting up complex systems, and spending a lot up front.

Creating a fancy website from the ground up — or relying on costly ecommerce platforms — aren’t
the right solutions. If your time and budget is limited, what you really need is a page that sells what you offer — today and for free.

Good news: We’ve got you covered!

Choose one of our ecommerce landing page templates and easily have a sales page in minutes — seriously. No coding or design required.

We’ll cover what an ecommerce landing page is and offer inspiration on where to get started. Plus, check
out three brand new templates you can use to sell subscriptions and payment plans.

What is an ecommerce landing page?
ECommerce + Landing Page.

Let’s break down these terms.

Ecommerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services online. Transactions occur electronically, but products can be delivered physically or digitally. If you have ever bought anything online, you participated in ecommerce.

Meanwhile, a landing page is a single web page used to drive traffic. Unlike a website’s homepage, a visitor cannot navigate to different web pages. The goal of a landing page is clearly focused on getting a visitor to take one, specific action. Put them together, and you get a landing page that drives people to purchase from you.

Pretty simple.

But how is an ecommerce landing page different from selling on the behemoth ecommerce sites we’ve all
heard of: Amazon, Etsy, and other online marketplaces?

If you’re just starting out, selling on these third-party platforms can be a hassle to set up. Plus, there are
costly fees that are hard to justify if this is your first time selling online.

Thankfully, ecommerce landing pages let you manage costs, test your idea in a low-risk setting, limit
competition, and better control your ability to upsell, cross sell, and drive referrals.

3 new sales page templates

This year, we added three new plug-and-play landing pages to our template gallery that make selling
in minutes easy.

Sell a subscription service
Whether you’re offering a monthly service, looking for ongoing donations, or simply want to showcase three levels of service, this Patreon-like template is for you.

Simply add your own images, details and payment links and you can start earning passive income today.

Offer weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring payments. Want to start charging for your newsletter? Setting up a subscription service? Do you want to offer a yearly plan so your audience can pay in advance?

Use a beautiful recurring payments template to showcase the benefits of your offering, and give your
buyers the option for a weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring payment.

Showcase and sell your product or service

Upload images and add a description of your offering to this simple, clean product landing page and you
can start selling in minutes.

This template is also fantastic if you want to offer a one-off discount, target a specific audience, or sell
a one-off product without extra work.

No matter what you want to sell, ecommerce landing pages are a valuable tool to support your growth.

Upsell on a ‘Thank You’ page

Sending your customers to an ecommerce landing pages after purchase is a great way to cross sell
your other products.

Pro tip: If you have multiple products or services, ‘Thank You’ pages are a great strategy to drive additional sales. People are already aware and engaged with your company after they purchased; if you have something to offer customers at this stage of their journey to get them excited about your brand, now is a great time to do it.

Ecommerce landing page templates.

To help you quickly create landing pages that beautifully display your products and expertly position your services, we created landing page templates proven to sell and ready for you to use.

To get started, signup for a free AWeber account

and select your templates. Then, just add your logo, images, colors and products — you’re ready to start selling!


Excerpt from an article by Kelly Frost of AWEBER


Happy New Year!

Let me help you grow your business in 2022

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Is Your Mobile Phone Spitting Out Money For You? [VidUber Review]

Is your mobile phone spitting out money?

Are you looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to your video marketing efforts? To increase your brand, professionalism, and profits? This new powerful online video creation system lets internet users, like you, record videos, upload videos, store videos, record audio-only, or record desktop. Capture and generate a massive list of viewers and subscribers that you can profit from!

On top of lightning-quick uploads with amazing quality and streaming with an endless supply of bandwidth Viduber also includes two very powerful attributes that work and coincide with one another for you to make an incredible impact on your video world.

1. Viduber includes a complete drag and drops video landing page builder (Build a massive list of viewers and subscribers). This video landing page builder is tied to an all-included 2. lead capture email autoresponder system. (Follow up to create that trust and loyalty with your viewers and subscribers allowing you to capitalize on huge profits).

2. With a referral program paying out 60% in commissions month after month. You are sure to benefit greatly from true video and profit gains.

If you want success you first need to look like success. Your brand, your business, and yourself! Add the polish immediately to your video empire. Build massive trust and loyalty with your viewers and subscribers and start getting into huge profits.

Publishing videos in blind faith can also be very risky wasting much time and resources. Viduber has a video tracking system that will help the overall publishing of your videos and future videos, allowing you to see at what percent of your viewers are exiting your videos or watching to a full 100 percent.

How does this help? This fantastic tracking system will tell you one of two things. People are leaving your videos early because they are not captivating and engaging enough, which means you still have work to do to reach 100% viewership. You want maximum engagement for maximum results.

Viduber is your video creator, video recorder, video upload time capsule. Storing all your videos in a highly secure environment. Instantly impact and engage all your social media networks with a simple click. Drag and drop, create your video landing pages, and build a massive list of viewers and subscribers. Follow up to create that trust and loyalty with your viewers and subscribers allowing you to capitalize on huge profits.

Maximizing the video world is what we do! Do you want a competitive advantage? It has been created for you! We are confident that you will enjoy your new ultimate video streaming for profits experience!



Gisela Beckermann, skype: gilaworld

[VidUber reviewed] best affordable video hosting for business for 2022

VidUber video hosting that pays out 60% in commissions

It’s out and launching publicly very soon! A true video hosting service that is looking after its video maniacs! You can spend hours searching for the best video hosting companies and their competitive advantages. Hosting and streaming video is one thing, but including video follow-up systems and an unmatched compensation plan is what separates Viduber from the video masses.

With Uber quickness, enjoy the ability to record video, upload and download video, record audio-only or simply record your desktop in an ultra-fast, highly secured video processing environment.

Enjoy the culture within our Global video community. Hit the leaderboards and profit greatly with a 60% commission payout referral program, which auto qualifies you to participate in regular monthly contests as well. Collect a 35% direct commission on all your paid referrals and an additional 25% matching check based on the referral totals, from your, directs. The residual amount payouts are staggering, along with contest prizes which consist of cars and precious metals, which are truly building incredible culture, longevity, and customer loyalty and appreciation!

There is truly nothing like this in the video hosting space, UNTIL NOW!

Welcome to Viduber! A video marketing platform that every new and seasoned entrepreneur needs! Social proof wins every time. Seeing is believing!

Viduber is new and exciting and has the market’s competitive advantage when speaking of video marketing! Included with Viduber is a complete video template builder. With its easy-to-use drag and drop features, you can create many video landing pages with ease. All centered around your video and offer. Collect, capture data, and follow up with your viewers and subscribers through the very powerful lead capture autoresponder system which is also included to make Viduber and its capabilities the number one video service provider. The true top gun for all your video marketing needs.

Viduber puts you in complete control of your video empire and your massive financial gains. It is your video creator, video recorder, video upload time capsule. Storing all your videos in a highly secure environment. Capture video viewers and subscribers through the power of video and capitalize on massive profits today!

All in one location on one extremely powerful and highly profitable video account.

Check out Viduber here


Gisela Beckermann, Skype: gilaworld

VidUber simplified, increase your profits quickly with it.

Viduber is now the new powerhouse for all your video marketing needs. Stay ahead of the competition! Take the new competitive advantage that they created and turn it into massive profits for your brand and business.

From video recording, video uploads, recording only audio, or simply recording your desktop. With a wide-open pipe for endless bandwidth and massive video storage, they have hit the nail on the head with this one, and offer so much more which separates them from the competition.

– A great powerful and easy-to-use service, always win!

– Low price points and the ability to achieve phenomenal profits, always win!


– Having a 60% referral program when competitors have nothing is always a win!

==> Go HERE to see more info

Isn’t video just video?

Video is just video if you do not wish to profit from it. Let’s face it video has only gotten more popular and is definitely not going anywhere.

Video is vitally important for branding yourself, your business, products, and services. It is the quickest way to build trust and transparency with your viewers and Subscribers.

Now…what if you tie in a video lead page builder that collects data… and that data is automatically transferred to your video autoresponder system where you can follow up with your viewers and subscribers allowing you to build massive trust, loyalty, and profits.

Showcasing and adding added benefits for yourself, your brand, and your business! This complete video marketing system is truly a home run for all video marketers!

You can check them out here and save a bundle while driving sales and massive profits!

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Build your video empire today and cash in…
Get connected and plugged into a profitable Viduber account today!


Have a great day

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How To Run Automated Scheduled Webinars for Cheap [Reviewed for 2022]


Make Killer Webinars Even If You’ve Never Done Them Before.

How To Run Automated Scheduled Webinars With Pre-recorded Video And Chat For A One-Time-Fee of $35

Run Live, Automated & Scheduled Webinars With No Training & No Running Expenses to grow your business quickly!

Webinars Are The Most Powerful Sales Technique On The Internet Right Now

89% Of Marketers Agree Webinars Is The Best Way To Sell High Value Products and Services

Do you want to sell coaching? High-value trainings? Expensive products?

You just can’t do without a webinar. A landing page and an explainer won’t make a 4 figure sale for you.
You’ll need to talk to your audience. Pitch to them!

It can only be done on a webinar. Don’t make the mistake of not having one if you want to be counted among the big-shots.

You think you can grow without Webinars? Well, think again.

Right about now, there are competitors who are selling with webinars to an audience that you cannot even imagine tapping into.

No matter what product or service you sell, webinars make selling easier.

Take a look how Webinars boost profits for businesses worldwide.

Webinarloop will get you sales from webinar even if you enter without any prior experience and without even a product. You’ll be able to convert any video to a webinar.

  • Stop helplessly watching your competition succeed with webinars.
  • Stop fretting about paying a Webinar service 100s of dollars a month just to get started.
  • Stop worrying about making serious mistakes on live webinars.
  • Stop having to do the same webinar over and over again cause you don’t have effective automation.
  • Stop worrying that you won’t have enough people to get on a call.
  • Stop running small webinars cause your webinar infrastructure does not support your success.

Yours truly,

Gisela Beckermann * skype: gilaworld * email:

P.S. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for solopreneurs who don’t have enormous budgets to make a fortune online!

Is Facebook™ destroying our lives? What’s your thought on this?

Ever notice this?

Everyday as you’re scrolling through Facebook™ reading about the latest drama about your cousin’s new boyfriend (who’s a complete idiot)… in between cute cat pics and rants about the government…

You find yourself liking, commenting and checking out some other articles as you waste time in between appointments, or even in the bathroom (we all do it).

Without you knowing, Zuck has been following you around everywhere you go.

From the ad you click, to the time you were checking out a the score of last weeks’ baseball game, to the time you were searching for the putter Jordan Spieth uses (like that’s going to help your game)…

… everywhere you go, Zuck knows.

Traffic Authority Traffic


And that’s the Billion Dollar Zuckerberg Quiz… Quite simply, when you’re online, he’s got his minions finding out WHAT you like and WHERE you’re going so that he can SELL that data to advertisers in the form of interested and targeted eyeballs.

Same with Google™ — you type in what you want and Google™ shows you ads and results from businesses paying premium prices.

This is how Facebook™ and Google™ are able to charge premium prices to businesses to place their ads, in front of YOU — because they know what you’re interested in and where you spend your time… and MONEY… every time you’re online.

Powerful intel, right?

That’s how traffic works. Nothing complicated or “secret” about it.


What if YOU could make money like Zuck?

Imagine — every time a business owner wants to get eyeballs on their business — YOU get paid.

Imagine being a part of Facebook™ or Google™ or Bing™ when they launched?

Look, maybe you did miss the boat on Google™ and Facebook™ and some of the others.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be left “standing on the sidelines” forever.


Here’s the deal:

Traffic Authority is Your Complete Traffic Solution!

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This is your opportunity to get in early on the internet’s next big dynasty!

See, Traffic Authority is primarily focused on selling retail traffic packages to online business owners and letting their automated system sell traffic tools, and traffic training, which will create repeat customers for you.

Then after they become a retail customer, if they decide they want to become a reseller, the person who referred them (YOU) will start earning from their efforts as well.

Truth is, we’re just scratching the surface here about how revolutionary this concept is and how much of an IMPACT it will make on your life (and bank account)…


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See you on the inside!

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I haven’t even mentioned the money you can make…

So make sure you pay close attention for all the details!

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Why Businesses Need a Social Media Presence in 2022 and Beyond

Why Businesses Need a Social Media Presence in 2022 and Beyond


For a business to experience growth, a huge reach needs to be obtained in record time. As the owner of a business, you have to realize that the only way to see success is to reach an audience that outdoes your competition’s ability to do the same.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to see growth. In fact, in today’s world, you are bound to see failure in your business ventures if you don’t maintain an active social media presence for your company. According to many studies, over 75% of adults use a social media network. Facebook alone has 1 billion active accounts on the site. There are several ways in which an active presence on social media networks can benefit your company. While some of them are pretty obvious, you might wonder how you could have missed the others.

1. Your Reach is Boosted
When you use social media marketing and maintain a social media account for your business with a good following, you ensure that your goods and services are marketed to the entire population of people who use the network. Social media allows you to reach thousands of people every day. Even better, you get to direct your posts towards the audience you want.

2. Your Website can be found easily
Do you use search engine optimization on your website? Well, good for you! This is one way to boost your business ranking on search engines. However, your position on the search results also depends on how much traffic your website experiences. If you can use social media to get more people to click towards your site every day, you increase the traffic statistic for your site. When the search engines see this, they push your site and your company higher up in the rankings every time a potential customer searches for a related product or service.

3. It is the best way to go “viral”
If you don’t know what going viral is, look it up. This is the term given to the phenomenon of a certain post or video on the internet gaining hundreds of thousands of views in a very short time frame. By maintaining an active presence on social media, your followers are able to “share” any post that you make on your page. This makes your advertising visible to anyone who is “friends” with that person on social media. As the chain of sharing continues, you gain higher exposure and views!

4. You can stay in touch with customers
When you make a post on social media for your business, you are able to communicate directly with the people on your page. When they comment on your posts, make their own posts, and message you directly, you get to respond to them immediately. This also adds a personal touch, as live messaging shows that there is a human presence behind the page. Over time, this will boost the loyalty of your customers and bring in new users too!

5. New customers keep on coming
One of the biggest perks of maintaining a social media presence is the way in which all these methods allow you to reach a wider target audience. At one point, you will find yourself experiencing an influx of new customers with no idea how they found out about you!

To finalize all of this…

As you can see, there are countless other benefits to maintaining a good social media presence for your business. Take the right steps today to turn your company into an active one socially. Connect with your customers, gain a higher reach and be a bigger success than ever before!

We can help with your Social Media Posting for a very reasonable price.

Setup an online call with us here

to find out how we can help you grow your business.

Visit our WEBSITE and see what kind of GUARANTEED services we offer

Let us help you!

Gisela Beckermann

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Reviewed “How to deal with objections and make the Sale”

Are you having trouble landing new business? Are your current clients asking for discounts? In a time of shrinking budgets, it’s a customer’s job to ask for a lower price. However, it isn’t your job to give in! In this episode, host, Elizabeth Bachman, shows you ways of dealing with objections and getting past ‘no.’ The wisdom that Elizabeth will share is very valuable for you to make the sale. After all, if you don’t have sales, then how will you keep a functioning business, especially at this trying time? * Tel: 415-967-1014 Elizabeth Bachman is a Public Speaking Trainer and Presentation Skills Coach who teaches people how to overcome their fear of speaking and helps with creating their signature speech. She is also called the “Star Maker for Speakers’ and teaches students all over the world as she is fluent in 5 languages.
1 2 3 4